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Kerry A. Wells, B.S. - Clinic Coordinator/Exercise Physiologist

Mr. Wells is a native of southern Oklahoma.  He attended Oklahoma State University and obtained his bachelor's degree in Health Sciences in 1987.  He lived in north Fort Worth during the fall of 1987 and completed his internship at the Fitness Institute, which was part of the North East Community Hospital, before graduation in December.  He moved to Dallas in September of 1988 and began work as an Exercise Physiologist at a physical therapy clinic east of downtown for three and one half years.

Mr. Wells met Mr. Brady at a conference in Dallas in the fall of 1991.  In March of 1992, he left his first position and joined Mr. Brady at Physical Ergonomics Rehabilitation Center.  From 1992 through 2001, he worked as the coordinator of the Industrial Rehabilitation programs along with daily physical therapy patient schedule.  In the fall of 2001, he began assisting Mr. Brady, who was by then the Clinical Operations Manager for Matrix Rehabilitation, coordinating clinic coverage of non-licensed staff at six  different clinics until February of 2003.

Mr. Wells joined the staff of Southwest Center Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation at inception in 2003 as Clinic Coordinator / Exercise Physiologist.  Since 1988, his work experience includes instructing exercise programs, which includes: clinical / therapeutic programs, sports training, personal fitness, and cardiac rehabilitation.